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Using Your Brand Identity Throughout the Marketing Funnel

Updated: Aug 16

How Brand Identity Drives Ideal Clients to You

If you’re here, you’re looking to elevate your home improvement brand and increase its visibility. So let's talk about the basics: brand identity.

It represents the brand you aspire to be. It’s your signature style and helps attract your ideal clients. It reflects your company vision, personality, aesthetic and values.

Main Elements of a Brand Identity

Define Your USP

What makes your brand unique? Why should clients choose you over others? That's your Unique Selling Proposition.

Maybe it's your eco-friendly approach, your incredible attention to detail, your knack for small spaces, or your ability to mix patterns & styles seamlessly. Whatever it is, own it and use it to your advantage. More on how to use it as part of your marketing strategy at the end of this post.

Know Your Audience

Since working together is a two-way street, you have to know who the right fit for your brand is. Where are they located? Are they middle aged professionals? Luxury homeowners with a busy schedule? If you’re in hospitality design, are you ideal clients high-end hotels, restaurants or boutique stores? Where do they spend their day? Where do they shop? Are they detail oriented? There’s a whole list of questions to answer, which means there’s a lot of digging involved in this process. The more you understand your ideal client, the more you can tailor your brand towards them, attracting the right clientele.

Create a unique logo and tagline

Once you’ve defined your ideal clients and your USP, the logo and tagline are the brand presence. They should embody your values and personality.

Craft a Consistent Brand Voice

Whether you're creating a job announcement, crafting a blog post, scheduling an email, editing your website or publishing social media content, your brand voice should be consistent throughout.

The consistency builds trust and turns your audience into clients.

Home Improvement Marketing Strategies: Making Your Brand Stand Out

Leverage Social Media

Since they’re visual platforms, Instagram and Pinterest are the perfect marketing tools for the home improvement industry. The more on-brand content you post, the more your audience will know, like and trust you.

Start that Blog

If you want to keep your social media content short and sweet, share more behind the scenes through blog posts. Plus, they help with Google visibility. If you use blog posts as part of your Pinterest marketing strategy, you’ll get an even bigger SEO boost.

Email Marketing

Just like consistent posting on social media helps remind your audience of your offers, email marketing does the same. Keeping your brand in your audience's mind is like that stunning vintage piece you just had to bring home.

SEO Optimization

Once you have your home improvement brand identity, make sure to use those unique brand phrases throughout any posted content. It’ll boost your online visibility while attracting only your ideal audience. Think of it as mixing up a keyword cocktail. You want to shake and stir specific interior design, architecture or home goods keywords so your ideal audience can find you online.

Partnerships and Collaborations

This is like pairing a lush velvet sofa with your favorite vintage rug - it’s a perfect fit!

Find brands and industry partners that complement yours. You’ll style the dining table, they’ll bring the wine and your ideal clients will enjoy both.

Need help with social media marketing strategy & consistency with publishing? We help with all of the above - social media strategy, posting and brand partnerships. Marketing Interiors by ES is a boutique marketing brand that uses current research to create a social media strategy, execute it with consistency, and increase visibility. If you’re an interior designer, architect or luxury home brand, contact us today and let's elevate your brand.

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