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Pinterest Management

Boost Your SEO and Website Traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest Management

Imagine walking into a room filled with mood boards, each one overflowing with ideas and inspirations for every style and space you can think of. Now imagine that each of these inspirations were also an opportunity to increase your SEO and website traffic. That's Pinterest for you!

And if your brand isn't part of this vibrant community yet, you're missing out on potential eyeballs and opportunities.

Check out these 2020 statistics from Pinterest:

  • 85% of women on Pinterest use it to plan their life moments, compared to 44% for Instagram and 53% for Facebook.

  • 43% of them plan on getting their ideal home within the next five years.

  • 89% of Pinterest users use it for purchase decisions.

These figures are more than just stats; they stand for those potential clients who are just a step away from discovering your brand. 

Pinterest is a search engine–not just a social media platform. And what better search engine to use for the home improvement industry than one that's entirely used for design inspiration and purchase decisions?

Here at Marketing Interiors by ES, we assist you in building a strong profile that mirrors your brand, curating pins to engage your target audience, and optimizing it for greater visibility.

How We Can Help

Strategy Creation

We create a tailored Pinterest strategy based on your ideal clients' interests and search behavior, just like designing a space that perfectly suits its occupant's tastes and needs.

Board Creation

We create new boards that resonate with your ideal clients and showcase your brand's versatility and expertise. We put together an impressive portfolio of your best work.

Daily Pinning

We pin 10 items per day, which is a mix of your own content and some relevant pins using Tailwind. This consistent activity will surely keep your virtual showroom fresh and exciting with new displays!

Connecting Pins to Blog Posts

We link pins to your blog posts to drive traffic to your website, turning your viewer's interest into a visit to your online store.

Click-Worthy Pinterest Graphics

We create eye-catching graphics that stand out in the feed to grab attention and spark your audience's curiosity.

Optimized Pin Titles and Descriptions

We write SEO-friendly pin titles and descriptions to help your content get discovered in the search results and those lead potential clients right to your brand.

Tailwind Tribes Management

We manage your participation in Tailwind Tribes to grow your reach–connecting with other professionals, sharing some inspirations, as well as expanding your influence.

Monthly Analytics

We provide monthly analytics to measure your results and improve your strategy. We do this to ensure your brand's growth is always on track.

Competitor Research & Analysis

We keep an eye on what your competitors are doing to stay ahead of the game, understand the market trends and offer what your clients need.

Ready to get started?

Fill out our intake form for more info.

Let's start pinning your way to success!

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