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Instagram Essentials

Enhance Your Home Improvement Brand on Social Media

Instagram Essentials

Hi there! Welcome to Marketing Interiors by ES, your go-to for a social media strategy tailored to home improvement brands. If you’re looking for a basic social media presence, scroll through below. ↓


Our Instagram Essentials is designed to help you build a consistent brand that increases engagement and creates relationships with ideal clients. Here’s the nitty gritty:

  • Strategy creation

  • 3x posts/week (caption + CTA + hashtags +optimized scheduling)

  • Graphics for posts

  • Link in bio creation    

  • Tag suppliers you used in your work 

  • Basic reporting

What You Will Get

Strategy Creation

After our consultation call, we’ll create a strategy based on your marketing goals, branding guidelines and ideal clients. This means creating the perfect balance of content pillars, drafting your voice, listing strategic posting times and hashtags.

3x Posts/Week 

We know it’s a pain to hear…but consistency is key. With our Instagram Essentials, we’ll create and publish for you (after content approval) three posts per week. Each post is intentionally created to fit your new strategy and move your goals forward. They’ll include branded captions, strategic hashtags and geotags, all to boost visibility and engagement. Let’s not forget about those calls to action: since we’re creating authentic social media content and don’t want your home brand to sound pushy, we’ll sprinkle those in every now and then. And finally, with optimized scheduling, you’ll save time and energy knowing your socials are working for you.

Optional Graphics for Posts

If you’d like a branded feed using your colors and fonts, we’ll create two posts per month with sophisticated graphics. 

Tag Suppliers You’ve Used in Your Work

Tagging suppliers increases engagement and strengthens relationships with industry partners. Save yourself the time and let us do the work for you. 

Basic Reporting

Keeping an eye on your social media analytics is essential to seeing if your brand goals are on track. We’ll give you a brief report on key metrics like website clicks, engagement rates and top performing content to let you know whether it’s time to change strategy or stay on track. 

Increase your home improvement brand’s visibility with an authentic social media presence. 

Fill out our intake form for more info!

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