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Instagram Growth

Boosting Your Home Improvement Brand on Instagram

Instagram Growth

Ready to see your Instagram account flourish like a well-designed living room? Our full package will get you the results you’re looking for.

Here at Marketing Interiors by ES, we leverage Instagram marketing for home improvement brands. Whether you’re an interior designer, an architect or a boutique furnishing store, imagine elevating your brand personality, increasing visibility, watching leads come in, and building meaningful relationships with ideal clients/industry partners.

  • Business strategy creation

  • Business account optimization

  • 5x posts/week (caption + CTA + hashtags + optimized scheduling)

  • 2x custom Stories/week (content + sticker + hashtags + optimized scheduling)

  • 7 hrs engagement/month

  • Reputation management

  • Monthly strategy call (45 min)

  • Business professional reporting

Creating Your Business Strategy

As your social media manager, consider us your pilot on this Instagram marketing journey. After onboarding, defining your brand personality and ideal clients, we’ll create a balanced strategy that will increase your brand awareness while attracting the right audience to your website. Your vision and our expertise should blend together like brass hardware on neutral kitchen cabinets. 

5x Posts/Week & 2x Custom Stories/Week

Just like you want a color palette to be cohesive throughout the home, consistency is key on Instagram.

We'll deliver five strategically crafted posts per week, complete with engaging captions, relevant hashtags, sprinkles of calls to action and optimized scheduling for maximum engagement.

For more website clicks and a cohesive branding, you’ll also get two custom stories per week. From a week recap to a link to your intake form, these stories will remind your audience that you’re not just showing beautiful projects - you’re also offering a service.

7 hrs of Engagement/Month

At Marketing Interiors by ES, we know the influence engagement has on building a community around your brand and increasing your reach. Each month, we dedicate seven hours to  inbound and outbound engagement. Expect interaction with your audience, replies to comments, answers to queries, sprinkles of love with industry partners and potential clients. 

Optimizing Your Business Account

Your bio is what ideal clients first see when they head to your page, so it’s important to inform them of what you do & retain attention quickly. To do this, we'll craft a bio that’s straightforward and seo-friendly. Say goodbye to buzzwords and hello to words that represent your brand and narrate your story. 

Monthly Strategy Call (45 min)

Every month, we'll check in for a 45-minute strategy call. Our virtual coffee chat, where we discuss everything from your account's progress to brainstorming innovative ideas to elevate your Instagram presence.

These calls also let us plan for the future, identifying key dates, events, and opportunities. Like any working relationship, communication is key so we can stay aligned in values and effective in our strategies.

Increase your brand awareness 

With consistent engagement, reputation management, and strategic monthly calls, we'll help you leverage Instagram to grow your brand in the home improvement industry. 

Ready to get started?

Fill out our intake form for more info. 

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